About Us

Integrated Travel Company is an Egyptian joint stock company, based in the main Luxor International Hospital Street. The company was established in 2000 as the company has a long experience and history in the field of tourism and of the major companies in the field.

The company has passed successfully all stages of the difficulties (sluggish of tourism, peak pressures at work, ...) because of its big experience. As a proof, the company has developed itself in the most difficult circumstances that have been promoted from the Tourist Transportation Company category (C) to the category (A). Its branch is now open in Cairo at 39 Andalus St., Heliopolis.

The safari activity has started and developed successfully such that its fleet in the field of safari exceeds eleven cars. Beside its large fleet in tourism, serious steps have been taken to enter into the field of floating and fixed hotels as well as the field of aviation. This success is a result of the President of the Board of Directors experience who works in tourism since 1978.

The company has a group of qualified and trusted drivers who elected of the elite drivers in the field with experience, courage, and dedication to work who can take responsibility in traffic in all difficult conditions.