Our Services

* Artistic production and distribution of programs, series, films, advertisements, propaganda songs and all kinds of audio, printed and visual media.
* Organizing and organizing exhibitions, conferences, seminars and public events, provided that the necessary licenses are issued for each exhibition.
Photography (except underwater photography)
Film production and camera rental, except for financing and mixing works
* Returning non-periodic bulletins - Preparing and operating a printing press - Publishing and distributing books - Managing websites while observing the provisions of applicable laws, regulations and decisions, and provided that the necessary licenses are issued to carry out these activities.
** The company may have an interest or participate in any way with companies and other companies that carry out activities similar to its business or that may help them achieve its goal in Egypt or abroad, and may also merge with the above-mentioned bodies or buy or follow-up.

* Films and documentaries with its various categories

* Talk shows in all its forms.

* Advertising and TV ads.

* reality TV .

* Technical and media consultations of all kinds.

* Training and qualifying media cadres in all fields.

* Media research and studies