Our services :

* Us our featured in providing service to our customers from individuals, companies and institutions, which means providing legal service in all areas of legal and consulting work.

* Basis of our dedication to serving our clients and build their issues and problems and work to reach the best solutions available.

* Provide legal advice and legal support to our clients whether verbally or in writing.

* Our considerable expertise in the preparation of regulations and systems of bodies and institutions, companies, public utility regulation or law.

* We are processing bids and reviewing construction contracts and supply before signature and follow-up implementation problems.

* We have extensive experience in arbitration, both in the conclusion of the arbitration agreement or arbitrators in their disputes or legal counsel before the Tribunal.

* In short we always you make us, we give you a legal opinion and support faster than imagined, and provide you with the correct and proper legal opinion.

Besides their work as lawyers and Denis legal consulting fees, sometimes symbolic, but in disseminating legal message and defend the oppressed and downtrodden. It is not a law firm service welfare enjoyed by only those who can pay for it, but the need for everyone to achieve justice and equality.