About Us

Global Trust has been established law firm in 2003, and ever since then the institution has taken upon itself the publication of legal thought for Egyptian and Arab. And culture that should be displayed by interested students and scholars of law professors and lawyers and even litigants. So they know how to face multiple legal positions and accountabilities that one of them might fall under the operation of his work or his relations or even his daily life.

Our vision :

To provide world-class legal service with unique features, superior Clients care.
considering our clients where we sincerely honestly serve with dedication to the pulse of life and the bloods on our veins to our partners from whom we draw our growth.

Our Message :

We endeavor with all our energies and our capabilities to be at the center for law firms and arbitration in Egypt and the world because of our high reputation that qualify us to do so, Where we employ a group of senior lawyers and legal advisers and staff entrusted to them to provide a professional services for major Companies and institutions operating in and out of Egypt to be the success of our Clients is a measure of our success.

Through the company's years our client data base had expanded and we been able to accomplish any work entrusted to us .We seek to achieve a leadership in our field we have put all our energies and Its expertise to welcome to reply to all legal inquiries in various legal aspects, whether it is local or international assistance in solving all kinds of problems.

Team work :

We work on the basis of a harmonious integrated team working as one team faithful cooperator who fused the individual potentials for the benefit of whole team.

Sincerity and honesty :

We work to serve the interests of our clients with thorough understanding of their requirements and providing them with the best practical solutions observing God we warehouse their secrets and their Secretaries.

Dedication to business performance :

we recognize that the search for perfection and perfect human being means dissatisfaction level however achieved this level of clients satisfaction. We dedicate ourselves and we are committed to providing the best.

Innovation and development of continuing education :

The basis of distinctiveness is to achieve continuous development and expand upon our strengths and abilities, training and continuing education through a fun work environment and rewarding them.

Integrity and chastity :

we don't accept anything incompatible with our principles values.

We are always at your good opinion, provide you with legal advice and technical support faster than you think ,and we provide you with legal opinion right and proper.