Hotels, safari yachts, motels, hotel apartments, villages, and tourist camps include the following :

* Establishing & operating hotels, fixed and floating, safari yachts, motels, apartments, hotel suites, tourist villages, or complementary or related activities, whether they are service, recreational, sporting, commercial, or cultural, and completing their own facilities & expanding them, provided that the level of hotels, motels, apartments, & wings does not fall below the level of The hotel and tourist villages are more than three stars, & the total area of ​​units sold of them does not exceed half of the total built-up areas of the project's paternal energy.
* Tourist camps with a level not less than three stars, in items (a) and (b) referred to as tourist projects located in the governorate of the New Valley and the promising areas outside the scope of the old valley that are determined by a decision of the Prime Minister.
* Tourism management & marketing for hotels, motels, hotel apartments and tourist villages
* Establishing, operating and managing indigo anchors, with integrated services needed for their tourist operation and insurance.
* Establishing and operating a yacht marina, golf courses, diving centers, and its complementary activities and marine sports activities.
* Medical tourism for patients and hospitalization, as well as for organizing reservation procedures at hospitals, medical and treatment centers, and others.
* Environmental tourism by setting up and managing environmental lodges, bird watching sites, coral reefs, and other distinctive ecosystems.
* All services provided through the sports field, whether in the form of management, marketing, operation, or management of sports games, or the creation of private clubs, academies, health clubs, or fitness centers
* Establishing and managing restaurants and cafes